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From the well to the refinery, our teams located across the continental United States can help solve the most difficult problems facing your operation.

Full life-cycle solutions for safety-critical operations

Cimation is dedicated to delivering solutions that improve overall operational excellence in Upstream Offshore Oil & Gas Production. Our specialists from coast to coast understand the challenges of remote, deepwater exploration from 17 years of major project experience. We provide innovative automation and industrial IT integration to enhance any offshore operation.

Cimation Offshore Oil

Delivering safe, optimized design, installation and support solutions for gas processing and compression.

Gas processing and compression are part of Cimation's core competences. We provide engineering and design for instrumentation, power distribution, process control, safety systems, regulatory considerations, infrastructure, cyber security, and enterprise data solutions for the entire spectrum of industry needs.

Cimation Gas Processing and Compression

Optimize pipeline and terminal operations with real-time data

From pumping and metering stations to processing plants and storage facilities, Cimation’s industry leading Midstream Pipeline and Gas Processing experts can provide safe, reliable automation solutions — backed by the latest industrial IT and EDS technology.

Cimation Pipeline Gas

Accurate analytics through automation engineering

Cimation’s niche automation and IT solutions for Downstream Refining are designed to maximize the efficiency of targeted refining units while ensuring safety and reliability. Our expert teams stationed across the US can help you find – and implement – the right analytical solution for your refining operations.

Cimation Downstream Refining