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More Than Just PLC Programming

Creating Custom Installations and Integrating with Existing Systems.

Cimation’s Automation services start with assessing the client’s project-specific needs and working with the client to clearly define the project scope. From modifying existing installations to creating new distributed control systems, Cimation is able to execute projects that range in size and complexity in an effective, safe manner. We utilize our employees’ depth and breadth of experience along with a vendor-neutral selection process to specify control systems that achieve desired results.

Working within customer-provided standards to promote consistency or utilizing Cimation’s own Automation Standards, we strive to create effective and safe operator-friendly control systems. Our wide range of experience allows us to offer support on legacy systems as well as the knowledge to implement the latest technology offerings from many control systems vendors.

Cimation’s developed workflow procedures and efficient programming methods ensure that our projects meet customer scope, schedule, budget and satisfaction.

And yes, we are great PLC programmers, as well.

Our Automation Services also include:

  • Customer training
  • Control system testing and commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Control panel design and fabrication


Automation Citmation

From the Field to Your Business Applications

Integrating Automation Data with IT Systems.

The only way to extract the full value of your automation investment is to connect field operations data to internal business applications. With staffing shortages and reduced budgets, it is hard for corporate IT teams to keep up with the growing dependence of automation projects on IT resources.

Cimation takes a unique approach to automating critical infrastructure by providing integrated automation and information systems that deliver reliable, robust, and practical technical solutions. We understand both the operational priority involved in automation projects and the corporate responsibility required by business leaders.

Server & storage design

  • IT project management
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity planning
  • IT staffing or placement

Infrastructure design and implementation

  • Communication consulting
  • RF path studies
  • Wireless system deployment
  • SCADA telemetry - radio, satellite, cellular
  • Communication field services
  • IT Security

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Integrated Control System (ICS) / SCADA Cyber Security

  • Compliance (ISA-99, NERC, FERC, DHS, NIST)
  • Security hardware and software procurement
  • Physical security planning and assessments
  • CCTV surveillance and Intrusion Detection Systems
  1. View a video on ICS/SCADA cyber security

Automation Citmation

Information Management to Help You Succeed

Delivering People-Friendly Data in Real-Time

Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS) occupies the space between Automation and Industrial IT.  The focus of EDS is the integration and delivery of real-time data throughout an organization. 

Business decisions, at best, are only as good as the data on which they are based.  Business units often operate independent of one another, utilizing various datasets from multiple disparate sources. EDS aims to make real-time data accessible to all business functions, going beyond the plant or pipeline control room. 

EDS aims to deliver real-time data first by leveraging technologies and processes which currently reside within the enterprise but are not being fully utilized, thus achieving greater functionality and integration using existing technology.

ERP and MES integration

  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Database integration and enhancements
  • Advanced report development
  • Secure application hosting
  • Cloud computing
  • SOA programming
  • Control room management
  • Functional design specification development
  • Alarm management and rationalization
  • SCADA system development
  • SCADA as a Service™

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Cimation Enterprise Data Solutions

Enterprise Data Solutions: the business of managing operational big data