Automation is Just the Start

Innovating beyond automation and changing the technology landscape

Energy companies hire Cimation to solve their most challenging automation and IT problems. Cimation delivers with speed, reliability and innovation every time... read more.

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Complete Integrated Solutions

From upstream data monitoring and process control to safety systems and integrating with production and accounting systems, Cimation puts its engineering talent to work for you.

Energy companies rely on Cimation to deliver unparalleled technical, professional services. We believe in a focused approach to functional, niche solutions that can be delivered and provide return quickly. Our talented engineers connect disparate systems and technologies to reduce operational costs, improve safety and deliver a clear view into our clients' production. Cimation brings together advanced technologies, from SCADA to ERP to Telecommunications, to create custom solutions that help our customers sleep better at night.

Cimation integrated solutions
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Download Pipeline Midstream Solutions

Automating Anything That Can Be Measured

Discover Cimation's solutions for midstream industries.


Automation \u0026amp\u003B IT Due Diligence for Oil and Gas Transfer



Next-Gen Industrial Technology Products

Bridging the gap in industrial technology

We draw upon the expertise of our project managers, engineers and subject matter experts to create modern products that offer sophisticated solutions for messy industry problems.

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Professional Cyber Security Training

Explore Cimation University's online courses.


Industries We Serve

Servicing the largest, most innovative off-shore and
on-shore operators in the world

Cimation delivers custom automation, industrial IT and enterprise data solutions for all sectors of the energy industry. From our beginnings in offshore Gulf of Mexico production to our growth into an industry leader in shale play developments, Cimation has established itself as a leader in integrating technology from the well to the pipeline to the train and truck terminal.

Cimation Industries We Serve

Information-rich Content Doesn't Have to be Boring

Producing value-added content that you really want to read

At Cimation, we believe in creating content that speaks to our colleagues in automation, IT and enterprise data solutions. We strive to keep things fresh, original and easy to digest, no matter how technical the information actually is. Thanks to our team of industry-leading, technical resources, we produce white papers, project briefs, videos and other materials that may actually interest you. Browse the library and see what we have to offer.


Cimation Careers

Join one of the fastest growing companies in the energy sector service market

We are seeking engineers and brilliant people to demonstrate their A-player DNA. Our entrepreneurial approach is often cited as the most exciting thing about us – our team loves the energy and innovation we cultivate at Cimation.

Cimation loves ambitious people who have a bias for action and solving problems, and enjoy working with the smartest people in the Energy market. We actively recruit from the technology sector and compete with companies like Google for truly remarkable talent. People who want to change the industry, indeed the world, work for Cimation.

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About Cimation

Changing the energy industry through ambition, integrity, expertise and innovation

Cimation is a contemporary technology solutions firm with a goal of closing the long-standing gap of technology deployed in the energy sector compared to other technical industries. Established in 2009, we have grown into a global leader in automation, industrial IT and enterprise data solutions.

Strategically located in the America's energy hotspots – Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Calgary, Alberta – our team is able to quickly deploy custom and template solutions to any component of an operation.

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