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Industry News: Bash Bug, VuRTIS & Benefits of Fracking

Cimation industry news

This week’s industry news roundup covers the latest malware entities and vulnerabilities that might put your company at risk. We also found an article that expands on the benefits of fracking and the need for better communication around the subject. Finally, see what oil and gas company has been bought by Seimens, and what other deals are being made in the automation space.

What's in Your Pocket? The Trouble with Portable Devices

cyber security brief

Portable media is used throughout Industrial IT for many different purposes: data transfer, database back-up and storage, etc. However, as helpful as these devices may be, they are potentially one of the biggest threats to cyber security. And it's been hiding in your back pocket the entire time. That's right, it's your smart phone. Smart phones present one of the biggest challenges in portable media. All security functions, from the enterprise down to production, can be completely bypassed - simply by plugging in your smart phone.

VuRTIS Report: Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on the Rise

describe the image

What are known as "Man-in-the-Middle" attacks have been continuing to rise over the past two weeks. In most IT environments there are mitigation techniques to combat them. However, in OT environments similar mitigation techniques may not be an option. Cimation's latest VuRTIS report, includes a list of the cumulative frequency of references culled from the 500,000+ sources reviewed by Cimation Threat Intelligence analysts using proprietary tools and techniques.

Industry News: Oil & Gas By The Numbers, HBJ’s Fast 100


We’ve got some good news in the week’s round-up! We are proud to announce Cimation’s top standing on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100. We’ve also found a great infographic for key statistics and numbers in the oil and gas industry. Finally, learn more about how Texas oil companies contribute to fuding Texas schools in this week’s industry news.

Walking the Wire: Right Decisions to Secure Your Wireless Networks

Cyber Security wireless

Implementing and working with wireless networks is like walking a tightrope. There’s a delicate balance to be had. On one side, there needs to be total accessibility and open communication. On the other, there must be total control and tight security. The challenge is to ensure you’re not leaning too far in one direction over the other. How well are you walking the wire?

Guess Where Cimation Lands on Houston Business Journal's Fast 100!

HBJ Fast 100

The word is in, and the news is good! On Friday, The Houston Business Journal officially announced this year’s Fast 100 List, and Cimation came out on top.  This was the first year Cimation was eligible to participate in the award, which honors Houston’s fastest growing, privately held businesses.  With 290.73% revenue growth between 2011 and 2013, Cimation took the number 14 spot among a list of truly innovative companies. All of this year’s participants are headquartered in Houston, earned a minimum of $1 million in 2013, and have been in operation for at least five years.

Industry News: Automation Trends, Vulnerability Tops Heartbleed

cimation industry news

Forget New York Fashion Week and all that hub-bub. We've found the latest trends in industrial automation that are moving the industry towards a future of excellent energy efficiency, design and safety standards. This week's industry news also includes the latest threat intelligence report concerning a new vulnerability topping the charts over the OpenSSL Heartbleed. Also, learn more about the golden age of Texas oil and gas, now that we're in it.

Let's Get Physical: Physical Security and the Potential for Simple Subversion

Cimation cyber security brief

Security doesn't begin in cyber space. You need to focus on physical security as well. For example, you wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on an advanced home security system, then not lock the latches on your windows, would you? However, in the energy industry, many companies have been keeping their proverbial windows open for years. 

VuRTIS Report: Adobe Vulnerability Most Reported Over Heartbleed

describe the image

Cimation's latest ICS threat intelligence summary gives you a current overview of the top 10 cyber security vulnerabilities based on technical data from over 500,000 web sources from around the globe. The latest finding concerns a previously reported vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player. Not only has it made a comeback, but it has also replaced the OpenSSL Heartbleed as the most-reported vulnerability.

Industry News: Internet of Things & Employee Turnover

internet of thing oil and gas

It seems like the Internet of Things is all over the news. From oil and gas companies building programs to figure out how they will adopt the various technologies, to factory automation bringing in a new era and a fourth industrial revolution. Also, find out what operating issues a caused by high oil and gas employee turnover. Finally, learn why drilling is getting closer to Louisiana shores.

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