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Mid-year Work Crisis? Tell Us About It.

cimation open door philosophy

We're in the thick of summer here in Texas and looks like there is no end in sight to the brutal heat. You could say the same about this year. It's been a wild year of new (or extended) projects.  There have been changes in the organization everywhere you look. Now, many are anxiously awaiting their mid-year checkpoints even though it feels like we just finalized our Tours of Duty.  Don’t worry; this mid-year thing doesn't have to have you go running for a padded cell somewhere! Let me give you some advice to help you stay sane this summer.

New Case Study: Cimation Enables Operational Insight

cimation case study

Cimation's latest case study dives into the intelligent management of Big Data in the process control domain. Data gathered from various field devices is one of the most valuable resources available to companies in the energy industry in regards to process optimzation and efficiency. However, many companies have difficulty managing this data, as it requires a high level of process expertise. Learn how Cimation Enterprise Data Solutions experts leveraged intimate knowledge of historian, server technologies and best practices to develop and implement process screens and custom reporting tools using OSI PI. Discover how Cimation improved operational intelligence for more than 400 wells throughout the Eagle Ford and Permian Shales.

Industry News: Mobile is the New Desktop, New Crude Rules

crude rail

Our weekly industry news keeps you updated on the latest items you need to know. Don’t you want to be the know-it-all by the water cooler? Or impress your co-workers with all the latest facts and stories? Need some witty banter to liven up your Friday meetings? Well we’ve got the news for you. Find out who's the latest to join the BP Board. Take a look at an infographic that details the trends in mobile. Finally, learn the latest manufacturing updates from Kepware.

Race with the Machines, Not Against Them.

automation and machine

As a futurist and also an automation consultant, I’ve believed in the power of machines for a long time.  I’ve recently watched a TED talk by Erik Brynjolfsson, The key to growth? Race with the Machines. In this talk Brynjolfsson discusses the fear many have in regards to machines and technology. As the machines take more jobs, many think it’s the end of growth, that soon our jobs will be obsolete. He refutes this idea and explains that if we work alongside machines and not against them we can become exponentially more powerful.

Industry News: Havex Threat & Latest Sanctions Against Russia

cimation oil and gas news

A lot has happened this week, and Cimation is here to make sure you're up on the latest headlines with our weekly round-up of Industry News. Learn about the latest tactical mitigation strategies for the Havex Malware threat and the 5 cyber security threats to watch for. Also, find out how recent events and sanctions against Russia are affecting the oil and gas industry. Finally, brush up on the latest automation news and learn how GE brings data insight to other OEMs.

Cimation's Havex Summary Report - Threats & Mitigation

havex malware report

A previous spot report released by Cimation's ICS Threat Intelligence team provided a threat overview of Havex, the malware family being used for targeted attacks against specific industry sectors. What many reports fail to mention is that this malware code has been altered to specifically target ICS/SCADA systems. Cimation’s concentrated knowledge of ICS/SCADA systems engineering and security provides a unique perspective on this evolving threat. In this newly-released summary report, Cimation's ICS Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Research Teams expose the operational-level impact and technical indicators of compromise from this attack.

Industry News: ICS Cyber Security Training & Louisiana Gas Impact

cimation oil and gas news

In this week’s Industry News round-up, learn about the latest ICS cyber security training courses released for Cimation University. Find out what economists have to say about the impact Louisiana is having on the energy sector. Also, check out the latest study on security breaches in top critical infrastructure companies.

New Online ICS Cyber Security Training Courses Now Available

cimation university

Today Cimation, an operations consulting company delivering secure technology solutions to the global energy industry, announced their release of a new suite of courses available now at Cimation University. Launched earlier this year, Cimation University is an online training platform providing best-in-class ICS cyber security education to operators, engineers, vendors and consultants interested in protecting critical infrastructure. The four, newly-added courses include: Introduction to Information Technology (IT) Systems,  Introduction to ICS/SCADA Systems, ICS/SCADA Security Standards Compliance and Gap Analysis, and SCADA Hacking: Advanced ICS/SCADA Penetration Testing.

Alarm Rationalization & First Steps


After working with clients on their PHMSA CRM Alarm Rationalization programs, it's clear to us that the industry is taking the safety-based goals of this regulatory environment to heart.  PHMSA (The US Department of Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) regulates Control Room Management (CRM) for gas and hazardous liquid pipelines regulated under 49 CFR Parts 192.631 and 195.446. These regulations address human factors in alarm management. Let’s face it, when humans are part of the process, mistakes can occur. The goal of alarm management is to enhance pipeline operations and minimize the potential for human error and its consequences. An effective alarm rationalization program is the key to mitigating risk.

Top 4 Safety Tips for July 4th

July 4 Safety tips

It's America's birthday today, and while we encourage everyone and their families to have a good time, we want to remind you to stay safe out there. Cimation values safety and we believe that you can have a great time while keeping safety top-of-mind! We've put together the top 4 safety tips for this long weekend.

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