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Industry News: Automation Trends, Vulnerability Tops Heartbleed

cimation industry news

Forget New York Fashion Week and all that hub-bub. We've found the latest trends in industrial automation that are moving the industry towards a future of excellent energy efficiency, design and safety standards. This week's industry news also includes the latest threat intelligence report concerning a new vulnerability topping the charts over the OpenSSL Heartbleed. Also, learn more about the golden age of Texas oil and gas, now that we're in it.

Let's Get Physical: Physical Security and the Potential for Simple Subversion

Cimation cyber security brief

Security doesn't begin in cyber space. You need to focus on physical security as well. For example, you wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on an advanced home security system, then not lock the latches on your windows, would you? However, in the energy industry, many companies have been keeping their proverbial windows open for years. 

VuRTIS Report: Adobe Vulnerability Most Reported Over Heartbleed

describe the image

Cimation's latest ICS threat intelligence summary gives you a current overview of the top 10 cyber security vulnerabilities based on technical data from over 500,000 web sources from around the globe. The latest finding concerns a previously reported vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player. Not only has it made a comeback, but it has also replaced the OpenSSL Heartbleed as the most-reported vulnerability.

Industry News: Internet of Things & Employee Turnover

internet of thing oil and gas

It seems like the Internet of Things is all over the news. From oil and gas companies building programs to figure out how they will adopt the various technologies, to factory automation bringing in a new era and a fourth industrial revolution. Also, find out what operating issues a caused by high oil and gas employee turnover. Finally, learn why drilling is getting closer to Louisiana shores.

What is Automation?

automation image

There’s no fear in learning the basics. Whether you’re an automation expert or just starting out, it’s always good to learn foundational terminology. While those of us in the industry understand what Automation is, many of our friends, family, colleagues and even clients might not be familiar. Following up on previous articles discussing the functionality of SCADA, and Distributed Control Systems, we’re taking it all the way back to basics. Now it’s time to cover the basics and define Automation for the people who need (or simply want) to know.

INFOGRAPHIC: Anatomy of a FEED Study

Cimation FEED Study Inforgraphic

All too often, businesses miss out on the opportunity for success by not planning for the most complicated project details upfront. Not to mention the cost savings they could accrue if they dedicated funds to planning. By performing a FEED Study, many businesses can reduce risk and address resource commitment during the execution phase of a project. This ultimately results in lower investment costs, increased efficiency and higher ROI.

Industry News: Threat Intel, Oil & Gas Expenditures

cimation industry news

It’s the last holiday weekend of summer. After a long week of hard work, it’s time to relax and have someone else to the work for a change! That’s what the Industry News round-up is all about. We’ve compiled the latest news from the week to read at your leisure. Learn about the trending vulnerabilities that may affect ICS networks and take a look at the integrated oil and gas expenditures. Also, find out what is keeping the gas prices low for y’all in Texas.

ICS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summary: Heartbleed & Gameover Zeus

Cimation VuRTIS

Cimation’s latest VuRTIS (Vulnerability Research Threat Intelligence Summary) Report takes a look at the threat actors and top vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed and Gameover  Zeus Malware. Threat actors looking to target can often use common hacker tools and methodologies to gain access to industrial control systems. By identifying trending malware and common vulnerabilities that may affect ICS networks, SCADA defenders can take steps to better protect their systems from cyber incidents.

Industry News: Cimation on the Inc. 5000 & Debugging Heartbleed

Cimation Inc. 5000

This is a very exciting weekly news round-up for Cimation! We are pleased to announce that Inc. Magazine has listed Cimation on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list again. Other news includes the amount of new oil and gas jobs added in Texas and the revival of old gas wells for refracking purposes. Also, learn about the myths of Heartbleed you may have missed.

Cyber Security Within Reach

cyber security

When it comes to network and cyber security, network admins and security managers already have their hands full. Not to mention, many professionals in the oil and gas field believe that it is a “nice to have” but it does not necessarily fall high on their priority list. Whether they’re trying to keep within their budgets, or keep up of the ever-changing network technologies and daily emerging threats, many professionals are either overwhelmed or in denial that attack could happen to them. The truth is many professionals are not up to date on all the emerging threats. We understand that finding the solutions to help combat these problems can be even more overwhelming than the threats themselves, as there are so many security products and services out there. And the costs and effort to implement these offerings widely-vary vendor to vendor.

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