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Industry News You Missed This Week

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It really is a good Friday! Whether you’re at the office or at home, we’ve put together this week’s industry news. We’re always interested in the latest and greatest, if you have a news story that we missed, let us know! Check out the articles below and see if yours made the cut.

Cimation Receives GPSA Excellence in Safety Award

Van Wilson accepts the GPSA Safety Award 2013

Cimation is the proud recipient of the GPSA Excellence in Safety Award at the 2014 Gas Processors Association Convention in Dallas, TX. These awards recognize the outstanding safety records and ongoing efforts of exemplary safety programs in the gas processing suppliers industry.  The GPSA (Gas Processors Suppliers Association) Safety Awards are based on the following criteria: 2013 OSHA records, company size and activities and a 3-year history of programs that promote safety and demonstrate improvement. Cimation is one of five companies to receive the award.

Industry News You Missed this Week


It’s time for your weekly news fix of the top stories that are circling the web. From cyber security news to the latest in oil and gas, we’ve got you covered. Check out the latest industry news that affects your business below.

Controls 101 – Valves, the Unsung Heroes of Control Loop Performance


Control valves are often the actuating device that physically controls a process and just may be one of the most important, but oft neglected, parts of a control loop. Virtually all control loops rely on the variance of flow that comes from the valve element.  However, many I&E departments worry much more about the sensors and PLCs.  Any control loop usually includes a:

Cyber Security & ICS: Ready for Attack

Cyber Warfare

I recently read two articles from Walt Boyes and Dale Peterson that brought up the question: Why haven’t we seen more security incidents in ICS? The authors bring up a good point. If it’s now common knowledge that these systems are insecure by design, why aren’t we seeing more attacks on critical infrastructure and automation systems? And if making these attacks are “relatively easy” to do, when’s D-day?

Industry News You Missed this Week

computer and books

For this week’s latest news round-up, we’ve scoured the web for the latest studies, reports, regulations and opportunities for your review. Read up on the latest stats and facts before everyone else and look like a pro this Friday! 

New EPA Regulations for Oil & Gas: How will it impact your business?

epa tier 3

The EPA recently finalized their Tier 3 emissions control requirements for motor fuels and vehicles that must be met by Jan. 1, 2017. The American Petroleum Institute had been urging the EPA to withdraw these requirements for months now but to no avail. These new regulations require refiners to reduce gasoline sulfur levels to 10 ppm from 30 ppm by 2017. However, some small refineries have a delayed start date of 2020. Provisions include*:

Industry News You Missed this Week


A lot is happening in the oil and gas industry as of late. It sometimes can be hard to keep up. That’s why Cimation publishes the top industry news every week. We’re here to make it easy to become an expert. So before you sign-off, enjoy our weekly wrap-up of industry news!

Key Takeaways: Infocast's Cyber Security Management for Oil & Gas

Clint Bodungen - Infocast Cyber Security in Oil

Yesterday, I presented on "Best Practices for Achieving and Maintaining SCADA Security" at Infocast's debut "Cyber Security Management for Oil & Gas" conference. At this fledgling security conference, it was clear that the market is crying out for more intelligent insight into cyber security as it relates specifically to oil and gas operations. And while many vendors are looking to jump on the SCADA security bandwagon, most are ill-equipped for the task and look to companies like Cimation for their significant expertise. 

Data Historians: A Big Help to Big Data


Big Data – it’s a hot phrase.  In the process control world we’ve been doing it for decades using databases. These databases are often called historians.  I always like to think of an engineer crawling through the stacks of a library when thinking of historian analysis.  But it seems some of our clients aren’t as studious as others.

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