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The Secure Point of View: A Proactive Approach to ICS Cyber Security

Secure Point of View

To many oil and gas professionals cyber security can seem like a low priority. However, the need for secure and reliable systems has never been more important. Although there are currently no cyber security regulations around Industrial Control Systems specifically, the possibility of cyber security attacks against industrial control systems with environmental, financial and life-safety consequences is very real. It's up to us to guard against them.

Industry News: Oil Prices Rising & Securing the Internet of Things

Cyber Security news from Cimation

As we close out the third week of National Cyber Security Month, we're reminded that industrial control environments are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. In this week's industry roundup, read why President Obama feels cyber threats are one of the biggest dangers to US security. This month is about staying educated and protecting your company's critical infrastructure. Learn how cyber threat intelligence can help mitigate these attacks in our upcoming webinar October 28While cyber security has made headlines this month, oil prices have rebounded after a four year low. Read about the rise of the global price of oil and how a Texas cement plant innovates with carbon waste created in production.

Industry News: Havex Webinar & Impact of Industrial Automation


Learn why ICS/SCADA attacks will rise in our upcoming free webinar. Access the latest Threat Intelligence Summary and find out where the most oil and gas jobs are concentrated in the United States in this week’s industry news round up. Also, discover the impact of industrial automation on the Global Personal Protective Equipment Market.

VuRTIS Report: Shellshock Heard Around the World


The “Shellshock” vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271) has taken the lead on Cimation's vulnerability watch list. Over the past two weeks, there have been over 23,000 mentions of this vulnerability in the cyber security community. Shellshock takes advantage of a vulnerability in GNU Bash which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code leading to the disclosure of information, unauthorized modification, and disruption of services. The NVD has rated the severity of Shellshock’s impact a “10” on their scale from 1-10 as judged by its potential negative impact and its exploitability. 

Industry News: National Cyber Security Awareness Month & the Ebola Outbreak

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Due to the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus, many precautions are not only being taken by private citizens but by businesses as well. ExxonMobil has halted operations in West Africa as a precautionary measure for workers and their families. In other news, it’s National Security Awareness Month, administered by the Department of Homeland Security. What are you doing to stay safe online?

Phishing for Data: The Power of Social Engineering

cyber security phishing

Social engineering is a broad term used to describe a variety of practices that trick someone into being part of a cyber attack. We’ve all heard about a “friend of a friend” who has given money to a foreign prince in exchange for a piece of his inheritance, right? Today, the most common form of social engineering is phishing – when hackers use tactics to steal money or information from unsuspecting individuals. Most malicious software is brought in through phishing emails where employees mistakenly release viruses by simply opening a seemingly innocuous email. Many phishing emails are disguised as an important alert, either from a bank, PayPal, or even the IRS. They appeal to our fear and encourage us to act hastily. Don’t fall for it!

Industry News: Bash Bug, VuRTIS & Benefits of Fracking

Cimation industry news

This week’s industry news roundup covers the latest malware entities and vulnerabilities that might put your company at risk. We also found an article that expands on the benefits of fracking and the need for better communication around the subject. Finally, see what oil and gas company has been bought by Seimens, and what other deals are being made in the automation space.

VuRTIS Report: Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on the Rise

describe the image

What are known as "Man-in-the-Middle" attacks have been continuing to rise over the past two weeks. In most IT environments there are mitigation techniques to combat them. However, in OT environments similar mitigation techniques may not be an option. Cimation's latest VuRTIS report, includes a list of the cumulative frequency of references culled from the 500,000+ sources reviewed by Cimation Threat Intelligence analysts using proprietary tools and techniques.

Industry News: Oil & Gas By The Numbers, HBJ’s Fast 100


We’ve got some good news in the week’s round-up! We are proud to announce Cimation’s top standing on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100. We’ve also found a great infographic for key statistics and numbers in the oil and gas industry. Finally, learn more about how Texas oil companies contribute to fuding Texas schools in this week’s industry news.

Walking the Wire: Right Decisions to Secure Your Wireless Networks

Cyber Security wireless

Implementing and working with wireless networks is like walking a tightrope. There’s a delicate balance to be had. On one side, there needs to be total accessibility and open communication. On the other, there must be total control and tight security. The challenge is to ensure you’re not leaning too far in one direction over the other. How well are you walking the wire?

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